Types of Eyelash extensions
Eyelash extensions have the amazing capacity to change your face and they are a famous method to get briefly thicker lashes.

What is eyelash extensions and are they safe?

Lash extensions are four kinds of extensions:

1. Mink Eyelash Extensions
2. Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions
3. Silk Eyelash Extensions
4. Sable-Fur Eyelash Extensions

Mink Eyelash Extensions

"Mink" lashes normally utilized on more established clients or those settling on a remarkably characteristic appearance. Mink lashes have a perfect quality, that you can not obtain from synthetic material. The price of Mink Eyelash Extensions is $250-600.

Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions

"Faux" lashes are most popular extensions for this time. Minks are semi aquatic animals, similar to otter, that are farmed for their soft silks fur. Most beauty salons moved away mink eyelash extensions, and use a faux eyelash extensions. The price of Faux Extensions is $200-$500.

Silk Eyelash Extensions

"Silk" lashes are newer type of lashes, that's finer and more natural looking which makes their retention slightly much better. They have the tendency to be the least comfy. The price of Silk Extensions is $300-$500.

Sable-Fur Eyelash Extensions

"Sable" lashes are made from natural hair and are the thinnest of the lash extensions. The sable lashes are 0.12mm. They have good quality like "Silk" but they are lighter and softer. The price of Sable-fur is $300-$500.

All types of eyelash extensions have their good and bad sides, choose what suits you best.

The price of eyelash extensions depending on:

- The number and type of lashes
- The skill level of expert
- The venue where they applied
- The quality of materials used

Because woman have anywhere from 100-200 lashes per eye, it can take 1-3 hours to attach full set. Because we lose natural eyelashes every day the eyelash extensions usually last between 3-4 weeks and during that day and age, normal lashes begin dropping out or diminishing.

So, eyelash extension is safe, convenient and saves a lot of time, you do not need every day to correct eyelashes, your eyelashes will always be beautiful. Try it and see for yourself.
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